Life's Riddle

Life's Riddle

Life’s Riddle
by Nils A. Amnéus

Filled with explanations and examples of the ancient wisdom’s relevance to everyday life, this is a warm and conversational presentation of timeless principles. The author, who considers the universe a school of experience, draws from many disciplines to help us discern the eternal laws that underlie mother nature and human nature.

Short stimulating essays address life’s dilemmas, and shed light on karma, death, reincarnation, and our various states of consciousness. Drawing widely from nature, world mythology, and religious scriptures, Amneus portrays the sympathetic relationship between the personal and the higher ego to be an eternally evolving and hopeful one. “If we watch a sleeping person, we notice that the body lies there quietly, performing certain automatic functions. . . . We see from this that the body is not the man himself but, like the mind, is a tool used by the Ego for its evolution here on Earth.”

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