Theosophy: Path of the Mystic

Theosophy: Path of the Mystic

Theosophy: Path of the Mystic
by Katherine Tingley

Katherine Tingley appeals to the heart in simple, direct language, emphasizing the dignity of the individual and the power within each person to shape his own character and life. To her, theosophy was a practical and inspirational philosophy for daily living.

This book is compiled from talks and writings on theosophy and its applicability to living the mystic life, to education, prison reform, and the problems of society and human relationships. Katherine Tingley’s great objective throughout the many varied activities she undertook was to make theosophy “immensely serviceable” to all.

“Never can we reach that point of spiritual discernment until we have found within our own hearts something new: a larger sympathy for all that lives, and a broader, deeper, grander conception of human life and the superb laws that govern it.” – p.22

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