The Secret Doctrine

The Secret Doctrine

The Secret Doctrine:
The Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Philosophy
(2 volumes)
by H.P. Blavatsky

“This massive study of man, of nature, of spiritual evolution, of the essence of reality is an astonishing document. . . . Blavatsky synthesizes science and spirituality into an exhilarating journey of spiritual awareness.” — The Book Reader (1988)

Continuously in print for over 100 years, the SD remains today the most comprehensive sourcebook of the esoteric tradition, outlining the fundamental tenets of the “Secret Doctrine of the Archaic Ages.” Challenging, prophetic, and strikingly modern, it directly addresses the perennial questions: continuity of life after death, purpose of existence, good and evil, consciousness and substance, sexuality, karma, evolution, and human and planetary transformation.

“The aim of this work may be thus stated: to show that Nature is not ‘a fortuitous concurrence of atoms,’ and to assign to man his rightful place in the scheme of the Universe; to rescue from degradation the archaic truths which are the basis of all religions; and to uncover, to some extent, the fundamental unity from which they all spring.” — Preface

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