Echoes of the Orient

Echoes of the Orient

Echoes of the Orient: The Writings of William Quan Judge, Volumes I-III
Compiled by Dara Eklund

Echoes are heard in every age of a timeless path that leads to divine wisdom and knowledge of our purpose in the universal design. Today’s resurgent awareness of our physical and spiritual interdependence affirms those pioneering keynotes set forth in the writings of H. P. Blavatsky. Her task was to re-present the broad panorama of the “anciently universal Wisdom-Religion,” to show its underlying expression in the world’s myths, legends, and spiritual traditions, and to show its scientific basis — with the overarching goal of furthering the cause of universal brotherhood.

Some people have found HPB’s books difficult and ask for something simpler. The writings of William Q. Judge, a co-founder of the Theosophical Society and close personal colleague of HPB, help fill this need. His Ocean of Theosophy and Letters That Have Helped Me remain classics in the literature, describing in clear language the basic ideas of the wisdom-tradition and its path of spiritual quest. Yet the greater part of Judge’s literary output is to be found in his magazine articles and other writings gathered together here in Echoes of the Orient.

Volume I comprises about 170 articles from The Path magazine, founded and edited by Judge. These are chronologically arranged and supplemented by his popular “Occult Tales.” Also included are a well-documented 50-page biography, numerous illustrations, photographs, and facsimiles.

Volume II comprises Judge’s “Hidden Hints in The Secret Doctrine,” his lectures at the World’s Parliament of Religions, articles and replies to questions in other magazines, and “Faces of Friends” who were actively helping the Theosophical Society in Judge’s time.

Volume III contains tracts and pamphlets, newspaper and journal articles, miscellaneous articles and extracts, and “Suggestions and Aids” to fellow travelers on the Path.

Second and Revised Edition.

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