The Esoteric Tradition

The Esoteric Tradition

The Esoteric Tradition (2 volumes)
by G de Purucker

H. P. Blavatsky pointed to the fundamental concepts of The Secret Doctrine as comprising the principles of an ancient wisdom which far antedates the Vedas. The Esoteric Tradition unfolds the broad panorama of this enduring wisdom, allowing the reader to see universes, worlds, and men as different aspects of one cosmic pattern. Chapter headings include: Allegory and Mystical Symbolism, The Secret Doctrine of Gautama the Buddha, Evolutionary Pathway to the Gods, Worlds Visible and Invisible, Reimbodiment as Taught through the Ages, Death and After: A Study of Consciousness, Some Misunderstood Teachings of the Mysteries.

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The Esoteric Tradition (2 volumes) Paperback £26.99

The Esoteric Tradition 3rd Revised Edition (1 volume) Paperback £22.50