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Theosophical University Press (TUP) can trace its lineage back to the late 19th century when Co-Founder William Quan Judge began publishing Theosophical material in New York under the name the Theosophical Publishing Company. In the hundred or so years since its founding, the name has changed and the press has moved to Pasadena, California. As a state of the art facility, TUP maintains the objectives and standards of production established over one hundred years ago: publication of quality Theosophical literature.

Bookmaking at TUP

As works on Theosophy often become lifelong companions, TUP makes every effort to produce books that are readable and durable, yet reasonably priced. Special care is given to the selection of attractive typefaces and acid-free paper with a nonglare surface for comfortable reading. Our softcover books (in Kivar or Lexotone) combine paperback economy with hardback durability.

All titles published by TUP are available to read at no charge at Theosophical University Press Online (many in PDF). Should you wish to own your own book, titles can be purchased  from the Theosophical Society Pasadena (British Section) using Gazelle Book Services Ltd, our UK and European agent. View the full Theosophical University Press catalogue (PDF). Titles shown in the catalogue which are not available for online ordering can be obtained by contacting the National Secretaries. Please browse to the author and title you want, and follow the simple online ordering process.

Theosophical Authors:

H P Blavatsky

William Quan Judge

Katherine Tingley

G de Purucker

James Long

Grace F. Knoche

Other Theosophical Authors


If you would like to receive a copy of the current TUP catalogue please contact:

The National Secretaries
The Theosophical Society (Pasadena)
43 Stephenson Grove
L35 9AB

Tel. 0151 352 5179