Theosophical Articles on Cycles


The Law of Cycles is, with a moments reflection, evident. Cycles are of different size and periods. That we sleep and wake every day is one obvious example. This cycle is worked through on daily basis. Our days are lived within months, another cycle. Months follow a cycle within a year. Beyond our planet Earth even larger cycles take place. Each cycle is travelled within larger cycles.

Looking within, again it becomes evident that cycles are working. The regular inhalation and exhalation of the breath. The circulation of the blood. These are examples of cycles that we can experience. Cycles are also evident in and on the more subtle parts of  our being and also on the Cosmic stage.

It is hoped these few articles provide an introduction to a fundamental working of Nature, and ourselves.

Cycles: An Introduction by Lydia Ross, M.D.

Lives Within Lives – Cycles of Self-Discovery by Jim Belderis

Inherent Rhythms of Life by Scott J. Osterhage

By Scott J. Osterhage