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Every Being Is Life
The Fogs Must Lift
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Every Being Is Life

Every Being, everywhere, is Life. From the tiniest grain of sand on a beach or the smallest atom in the smallest part of matter. Each point, on a spectrum is, within its own sphere, a small copy of the whole Universe. Physical existence is but one aspect of the Great Life. Each being is THAT (Tat Tvam ASI).

Wherever we stand is in relation to our understanding of the process of evolution. There will always be those who see more, there will always be those who see less. Because of this we get the feeling of separateness. However, there is only ONE LIFE and it is in all of us. In fact, it is us. So we stand in our own position, looking out. We try to make sense of our own ‘point’ or place by developing ‘ologies’ or ‘isms’ of various kinds while we rest and hopefully digest where we are, ready to always move on, and that’s ok. If we accept, through investigation and study, that we are the ONE LIFE, a copy of the Universe, then how true are the words of the Delphic Maxim ‘Know Thyself’. For if we know ourself we must know the Universe. There are no givers of favours or punishers of transgressions. It is through knowing and understanding of ourselves that the veils are lifted and we perceive the essence of Oneness.

Along the way we see and experience the Laws operating within the Cosmos. At different points they will have different meanings. But it is we who make the differentiation. The law(s) remain the same as they are Universal and, whatever position we occupy, is the one appropriate for us, given by none other than ourselves, the Higher part of our nature, which, after all knows best. This Higher nature sees a bit further than the lower self.

From G de Purucker;
‘Each hierarchy, each universe, each god or “Angel”, man, animal or atom, is but a passing phase…a spark of the cosmic essence, each such monadic essence works through that particular veil which we will call in its passing form a man, or a beast, a world, a sphere or a universe. All are “events” existing in space-time or time-space – a continuum of consciousness-substance.

What then does all this mean? It means that abstract force, or still more abstractly, conscious motion, is at the heart of every being and every thing; and as consciousness is the purest form of cosmic force – spirit, in other words. Matter itself is but a vast aggregation of monadic particles : monads, latent, sleeping, passing through that matter-phase; but each of them sooner or later will self-express itself in individualised action, and thus grow; and each phase of this evolutionary growth is an ‘event’ of consciousness.’ (The Esoteric Tradition, page 108, Theosophical University Press.)

In ‘The Voice of The Silence’ it reads ‘Mind is like a mirror. It gathers dust while it reflects It needs the gentle breezes of Soul-Wisdom to brush away the dust of our illusions.’ Seek O Beginner, to blend thy Mind and Soul.’ (H.P.B., The Voice Of The Silence, page 26, Theosophical University Press.)

To linger too long in reflection can lead to a comfortable spot and a tendency towards inertia. The gentle breeze of Soul-Wisdom leads us on to understand we are Spirit, the One Life and the understanding of Oneness will be allowed to flow in us and through us.

The Fogs Must Lift

“…I would never let the least fear or despair come before me, but if I cannot see the road, nor the goal, for the fog, I would simply sit down and wait; I would not allow the fog to make me think no road was there, and that I was not to pass it. The fogs must lift…”

…Do not allow discouragement to come in. Time is needed for all growth, and all change, and all development. Let time have her perfect work and do not stop it.

How may it be stopped? How many have thought of this I do not know, but here is a fact. As a sincere student works on, his work makes him come every day nearer to a step, and, if it be an advance, then it is certain there is a sort of silence or loneliness all around in the forest of his nature. Then he may stop all by allowing despair to come in with various reasons and pretexts; he may thus throw himself back to where he began. This is not arbitrary law but Nature’s. It is a law of mind, and the enemies of man take advantage of it for the undoing of the unwary disciple. I would never let the least fear or despair come before me, but if I cannot see the road, nor the goal for the fog, I would simply sit down and wait; I would not allow the fog to make me think no road was there, and that I was not to pass it. The fogs must lift.

What then is the panacea finally, the royal talisman? It is Duty, Selflessness. Duty persistently followed is the highest yoga, and is better than mantrams or any posture, or any other thing. If you can do no more than duty it will bring you to the goal. And, my dear friends, I can swear it, the Masters are watching us all, and that without fail when we come to the right point and really deserve They manifest to us. At all times I know They help and try to aid us as far as we will let Them.

Why, the Masters are anxious (to use a word of our own) that as many as possible may reach to the state of power and love They are in. Why, then, suppose they help not? As they are Atman and therefore the very law of Karma itself, They are in everything in life, and every phase of our changing days and years. If you will arouse your faith on this line you come nearer to help from Them than you will recognise.

I send you my love and hope, and best thoughts that you may all find the great light shining round you every day. It is there. Your brother,

William Q. Judge
Letters That Have Helped Me, Volume 2, Letter 1


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Dormit in Astris

It is with deep sadness we bid farewell to John Dutton who passed on earlier this month (1932-2020). After a short spell in hospital he returned to his residence where his condition worsened and overcame him. John was a loyal and conscientious worker for the Society in his position as Treasurer for the UK Section. A regular attendee at Manchester meetings his participation was always constructive and helpful. John attended to the duties of the position as Treasurer with diligence and dedication. He will be sadly missed and all his colleagues both in the UK and wider wish him well for his journey onwards.

At this extraordinary and worrying time, keep safe.