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A Sacred Season
Ebb and Flow of all Life
There is no Death of Anyone
Three Cups of Tea
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
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A Sacred Season


Kindness and care are in abundance at Christmas time. Feelings and acts of goodwill are everywhere. No wonder; people are simply demonstrating their intrinsic selves. The Sacred Season of the Winter Solstice ignites the light and love that is already within each and eveyone of us. If you listen and feel beyond your everyday senses and busy brain mind you will perhaps feel the magic of this special time.

James Long puts it very simply: “at the change of the seasons a certain quality of solar energy comes in that effects the whole constitution of man. Especially at Christmas and the New Year a new, fresh life-force radiates from the Father Sun into the world, and man because he is the highest developed being on the earth, can consciously take advantage of this and help himself to grow.

“All of this taken together is very sacred….we are completely dependent on the sun; and the more we understand about the life-currents that flow to the earth – remember that the ancients believed the sun to be a divine being at its heart just as we are, only much greater – the more we can try to live our lives in such a way that we will naturally benefit ourselves and those around us by taking advantage of the sun’s special help at these seasons.”

He points out that different people around the world also celebrate holy days “connected with what takes place at these sacred periods of the year.”


Ebb and Flow of all Life

The fading of summer to autumn and autumn to winter is part of the universal pattern of ebb and flow. This familiar cycle is explained in the second of the three fundamental propositions in The Secret Doctrine as “that law of periodicity…observed and recorded in all departments of nature…Day and Night, Life and Death, Sleeping and Waking.”

It is often forgotten that we humans are an essential and integral part of such universal patterns. While we may be reluctant to give up the light, vitality,warmth and exuberance of summer, we nevertheless settle into the familiar and different pattern of winter life. To my mind, winter is a season of majesty; a time for introspection and contemplation, a time to think, a time to take stock of your life’s goals. So too, death provides not only a necessary period of rest and refreshment but gives the reincarnating entity an opportunity to absorb and assimilate the experiences of its last life on earth. In the blissful dream state, varying in time for each one and free from the baser attractions of earth life, there is fulfilment of the higher or purer unexpended energies and nobler earthly hopes.

For those suffering bereavement, G de Purucker’s “Golden Precepts” has consoling words: “Death comes to our old ones in peace and quiet, stealing like an angel of mercy into their being, releasing the bonds binding the soul to its vehicle of flesh; and the passage is as quiet and gentle as the coming of the twighlight preceding night; it is a blessed sleep.

“Realising that each of us is an incarnate divine being… .we are therfore bound together by each other’s sorrows, bound together by each others loves, bound together by quiet and imperceptible influences, unspoken and intimate….Let us, then confidently surrender to life, with the knowledge that we are cared for by eternal laws, and let us feel one with all that lives, bound together by close ties of brotherhood and love.”

– Renée Hall

There is no Death of Anyone


“There is no death of anyone, but only in appearance, even as there is no birth of any, save only in seeming. The change from being to becoming seems to be birth, and the change from becoming to being seems to be death, but in reality no one is ever born, nor does one ever die. It is simply a being visible and then invisible; the former through the density of matter, and the latter because of the subtlety of being – being which is ever the same, its only change being motion and rest. For being has this necessary peculiarity, that its change is brought about by nothing external to itself; but whole becomes parts and parts become whole in the oneness of the all…

“But why has this false notion, of birth and death, remained so long without refutation? Some think that what has happened through them, they have themselves brought about. They are ignorant that the individual is brought to birth through parents, not by parents, just as a thing produced through earth is not produced from it The change which comes to the individual is nothing caused by his visible surroundings, but rather a change in the one thing which is in every individual.”

– Apollonius of Tyana, 1st century Philosopher and Reformer

Three Cups of Tea


One man’s mission to promote peace. One school at a time.

Greg Mortensen was a climber. After failing to reach the summit of K2 in the Himalayas and nearly losing his life in the process, he was rescued by a group of villagers living in this remote area of Pakistan. In return for their kindness he asked how he could help them. They needed a school.

Back in the Unted States he set about raising the money. He then returned to Pakistan and built the school. This was the start of a lifetime’s venture; building schools in remote areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The book is a revelation of how one man with a mision can achieve his goals, influence others to help, and in the process survive some of the most hazardous adventures.

Not only is this book an enthralling read, it also underlines a sense of compassion and care for one’s fellow man.

– Richard Walker

Goldilocks and the Three Bears


I’ve been thinking about Goldilocks and the three bears. I can only imagine that Goldilocks is the beautiful, innocent part of us that has gone-a-wandering, and got lost in the Forest of Life. The three bears could be the mother, father and baby within – our internal family. Bears look so cuddly, but can be pretty awesome, and are wild.

The porridge was much needed nourishment, and had to be just right – the too hot one needed cooling, and the too cold one needed warming up. Baby Bear’s was just right. Then came the desire for a refreshing rest. The too hard bed needed softening, the too soft bed needed hardening but Baby Bear’s bed was just right. Everything belonging to Baby Bear was just right for Goldilocks, but she had to discover also, through trial and error, what was not right for her. She was afraid of the reaction of the Three Bears, and fled, though she would have liked to stay and ask the secret of getting it just right.

She may have learned that to get it just right can sometimes take forever: that cold and hot, hard and soft, must meet somewhere in the middle to be just right. And that takes some doing, because everything is changing all the time. The Bears never saw Goldilocks again, because she had learned her lesson well, and of course they really went with her, because they were part of her. I think someone somewhere once had a dream about their inner bears and getting it just right, and later turned it into the story of Goldilocks.

– Livija Evans