Below is a selection of feature articles that have appeared in Compass over the years.

Trust Your Self

“…earnest seekers of truth need to be armed with extra caution and discrimination when searching and choosing amongst the plethora of alluring “Body, Mind and Soul” literature, so called spiritual centres and guides…”

Has He No Conscience?

“How can a human being bring himself to capture and hurt a fellow creature?…Consciousness differs in strength and degree from one individual to another.”

Trailing Clouds of Glory

“Trailing clouds of glory” is the secret and source of a child’s innate trust and sincerity. Adults who have children in their care have a sacred responsibility to help them cherish and nurture their precious birthright.”

The Torchbearers

“The roots of today’s modern Olympic custom of the solar-derived flame passing from runner to runner, lie with the ancient Greeks when they acted out the drama of transmitting the light of spiritual knowledge.”

The Man in the Mirror

“Sometimes I think that people seem to need conflict in their lives. And war between nations and within nations is just the enlargement of the petty squabble that arises from lack of intolerance, lack of communication, compassion, understanding and respect.”