Expanding Horizons by James Long (2nd Edition) Now Available

Expanding Horizons 2nd EditionThe paperback print version of Expanding Horizons written by James Long (2nd Edition) is now available (new ISBN 978-1-55700-234-1).

The PDF/ebook of Expanding Horizons is available to read and download free of charge on the The Theosophical Society International Headquarters – Pasadena, California website.

First published in 1965, the book turns out to be a “50th Anniversary Edition” – when in fact it is timeless, reading as modernly today as any book. On re-reading the book it becomes clear that it’s a wonderful bridge- builder – not only to the general public, but to theosophists new and old. As with so many of our books, each reading reaches deeper levels within. Jim Long was a master at going directly to the heart of important issues – and how he does this here provides wonderful examples of his practical, common-sense approach.